For Python Developers

Who are Exness-Pythons?

We are one of the largest communities in Exness. Today our team consists of 18 people and is still growing. Each member of the team has more than five years’ work experience and many different projects behind them. We actively use Python — 90% of the code is written in this language, but at the same time we experiment with other languages, for example, Go, Java, and we use different approaches and frameworks: Django, Flask, aiohttp, FastAPI. Our teams are isolated and have full freedom in their choice of technological stack. Some use conservative methods, some seek to implement more modern technologies. We make up this balance in-house depending on business needs.

“The typical services for us — Python, Postgres, Redis, RESTful as RPC. At times we may use Thrift and gRPC. With some high-loaded services we connect using queues of Kafka, RabbitMQ. We also like to use Clickhouse on big data. Recently we’ve started using cloud infrastructure; depending on the teams, we use AWS and Google Cloud. We strive to implement the infrastructure as code, applying Terraform and Kubernetes. Each team has a DevOps member which manages the organisation of CI/CD, pipelines including unit and integration testing, statistical code analysis”.

Evgeny, Python-developer




Our tasks

WFface complex tasks at the junction of fintech and security. We develop high-loaded distributed systems, and as our clients trust us with their money, we pay high attention to security and to ensuring data consistency at any given time. Recently our company made the strategic decision to develop a B2B business, which requires us to:

  • Create opportunities from scratch to deploy a full stack in any environment;
  • Increase reliability of services, since instead of existing on our production, services will exist in N-isolated production environments;
  • Introduce maximum automation of processes;
  • Configure services to the needs of every client.

We are choosing Exness

Since the company uses advanced technologies, there are no barriers in the selection of technological solutions and there are no obstacles in implementing them from an IT and security perspective. The company pays significant attention to our professional development. Regular participation in international conferences and business trips to our global offices are direct proof of this. Here we are free in pursuing our ideas — we just need to explain their value to the business.

We want you, if:

  • You programming like we do;
  • Your Python is almost perfect;
  • You understand data structures and basic design patterns;
  • You are familiar with web-technologies;
  • You understand how DBMS, SQL and transaction work.

Tell us about yourself and answer the questions:

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How to Apply

Choose the vacancy you are interested in, attach your CV and a cover letter (and any additional information that backs up your experience), then click Submit CV.

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